Eric Rofes

August 31, 1954 June 26, 2006

Eric Rofes was a longtime educator and activist who worked on a wide range of progressive social and political justice issues.

For over 30 years, his various careers brought together four key elements: teaching, organizing, research and writing. This website highlights these key areas of his work, offering an overview of his many passions and interests. It is being maintained as a research base for activists, educators, researchers and students who wish to understand the scope of his work and learn more about the resources available in his archive.

Eric’s books, papers and research files have been donated by his husband, Crispin Hollings to The James C. Hormel Gay & Lesbian Center at the San Francisco Public Library. These materials are currently in the process of being catalogued and transferred. Please check here for future notification of their availability.


Along with the many writings, notes and research materials that Eric left us was a long list of the projects he was working on at the time of his death. While some of these will be left unfinished, we are happy to be able to announce the availability of his last major writing project. It is fitting that the subject of this work be a cause he devoted so much time, energy and enthusiasm to: gay men's health. In their Introduction to this book Chris Bartlett and Tony Valenzuela write "we introduce this volume of his mostly unpublished work on gay men's health from a place of hope and excitement to inspire activists and admirers of Eric's work to continue on with his ideas. In the area of gay men's health, he helped to crystallize a vision that was at one time completely invisible: a vision of gay men's health broader than HIV and AIDS alone. 

The manuscript he left was not complete but his longtime work associates and friends Will Seng and Sara Miles have edited and assembled a version which gives us an idea of what the completed version would have been like. Rather then publish this work traditionally we are pleased to make it immediately available here in printable PDF format. We proudly present:

THRIVING: Gay Men's Health in the 21st Century

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